Thursday, November 14, 2013

It's Been A Year!... Post Big Chop, that is.

Hey guys,

I haven't blogged much. Been busy with many things. Work, family, moving houses, and mostly life. This life. So hard to comprehend.

It was in October that I realised that my hair was 1 year post Big Chop in September. Last relaxer use was 4th January, 2012. Some will say I have been natural for a year. Okay. So much have happened to this mane since that day of two frustrated different textures, a handy pair of scissors and a very eager makeshift barber. Some details of which I have documented on this blog. We have had MANY failed twist outs and bantu knot outs, only one successful twist out, LOTS of experimenting, success stories and wailing stories. But in all, it's been fun. Do I regret going natural? No way! Perhaps the only regret I have right now is that I didn't go natural much earlier.

Here are a too many few hair photos from the past year.
2 days after BC

1 month post BC. Braided just before bed
2 months post big chop

failed twist out. Lol

6 months post BC

Work look

Failed bantu knot out

9 months post BC

twist outs

Found I could make a punk hairstyle out of my hair

Failed twist outs but I loved the outcome still and rocked it. Ignore the background ( ._.)
This was a failed twist out that ended up into a very agreeable style. Ponytail and twist out side bangs. This was the first time I was able to wear a ponytail. Although all my hair could not yet achieve a ponytail.

August in twists

By 1 year, I discovered I had achieved collarbone length

a year in and I could have a ponytail. Finally out of the awkward stage. Yaay?
Twist out with lots of frizz. But we rock it still

I found a grey

First perfect twist out that I gushed about here. Haven't been this lucky since then.

I did a measure of my hair length. Front and sides are 7.5 inches, crown is 8 inches and nape is 7 inches.
In my next year of my hair journey, I'm still all about volume, volume and did I say volume? I'm almost obsessed with it now. I'm not forgetting health and length. I think I have been able to achieve some impressive healthy hair thus far. My scalp no longer itches (I strongly suspect my scalp and grapeseed oil are the worst enemies. The minute I removed grapeseed oil from my regimen, I hardly ever itch). I trim when necessary. I finger detangle. No poo in a while. I clarify. I hot-oil. I have reeeeeally soft hair from so much deep-conditioning that I worry that the softness may cause breakage. Lol. Seborrhoiec dermatitis is largely controlled now. When it comes, I use Damatol on my scalp for about a week and the allergy goes. Please, if you suffer from this allergy, I believe you can bend your regimen a bit to allow yourself use mineral oil-lanolin-filled Damatol or any other sulphur equivalent. Damatol works. At least, for me. Oils will not cure it. Afterwards, you can always clarify to remove all build-up. Don't suffer embarrassment and discomfort all because you want to stick to using natural products that won't do jack for you.
I have fortified my use of castor oil in a bid to regain the hairs I lost during my unfortunate episode with Dudu Osun and to achieve massive volume whether these follicles like it or not. I think I may have low density hair. Some may disagree but I think it may be so. My mum is surprised by it as she keeps saying I used to have a lot of hair. That time must come back. By fire by force.
Now THAT is volume. My hair crush: Cipriana of Urban Bush Babes. Is it too much to say I'm gunning for her volume? (._.)

In addition to using castor oil, I have incorporated a scalp massage to my regimen. I do that as I apply the castor oil in. Some bloggers are of the opinion that it does nothing to hair growth while others chorus that it stimulates blood flow to the scalp and thus speeds up hair growth. Whichever is true, I'm not knocking this till I try it. It may just work for me.
I realise that I am presently at that stage where my hair is more focused on growing out than growing longer. I'm fine with that. Growth seems slow right now but I won't push it. (Err... *whistles*)
I realised that during my high-protein diet period, I gained a lot of length. What they say about protein being good for hair is no joke. I'm focusing a lot on eating a lot of protein now to help for further growth.
Still working to achieve great hair.
Stay beautiful! 


  1. loool i fell you, i cant wait for my hair to grow that much. Just entered 7 months

  2. nominated you for the leibster award

  3. Hey am happy I found this blog, pls I'll like to know what shampoo u use, and any other product. Thanks

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Franka. During my 1st year of going natural, I used the Hawaiian Silk non-sulphate shampoo. I have referred to it a few times in earlier posts. When the shampoo finished though, because I didn't have access to a non-sulphate shampoo, I mostly clarify with ACV now or once in a while use the Natur Vital Hair Loss shampoo. It contains sulphate though which is why I very rarely use it. Other products I use are coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter, Motions CPR Leave-in Conditioner, V05 Moisturising conditioner and a few others I don't remember now.


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