Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hulk, SMASH!!!

So I saw The Avengers this weekend - after the whole world and her sister have seen it - and I got an eyeful of eye candy.

It's the sentinel of Liberty and the son of Asgard, beautiful Chris Hemsworth ;;). Yup!

Anybody else notice some sexiness to The Hulk? Anyone? No? No? Ugh! 

I thought it was a great movie though. Wonderful effects, lots of wit and interesting dialogue plus of course, all those pretty pretty boys. 
Each character had its day in the movie and not too much over-shadowing. Although for a bit, it seemed to me that the Hulk overshadowed the rest of the crew in that final battle scene. Also, was it just me or did I see some of Transformers 2 in that movie? The concept? Final battle scene? Me thinks though. 
If you're expecting a movie with a highly intelligent script and dialogue though, you'd be looking in the wrong place with this movie. Action comics have never been known to be of that category. It's just your regular good guys against bad guy who wants to take over the world flick (this is the point where you roll your eyes). All in all, great movie. I shall definitely be seeing it again. ;)

Ciao now!

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  1. Ok, i should just see this movie already. My friend has been going on and on and on and on (you get the point) about it


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