Friday, June 1, 2012

My Summary Hair Story

This will probably be my first something akin to a post and it's going to be about my hair. :D
Yes, I am presently on a transitioning journey from relaxed hair to natural. Excited much! \(^_^)/ This natural hair journey just came upon me when I realised my once extremely full mane was now really thinning out and I was slowly but surely developing Iya Iyabo type hair (my edges were chopping off) >_<. Upon some research, I came to the realisation that my hair was losing it's life and essence because of the relaxers I was using to weaken it. I wanted my hair back in all of its glory and hence made the decision to go natural. Yes!
And so! 6 months post relaxer and transitioning - I never got to rock a TWA :( (Story for another day). I am still at that stage where I am finding what works best for me. I hope to update my blog on my discoveries, failures and successes in this respect.
Here's a photo of my hair before I put in braids last weekend for protective styling. You can see I'm a bit gone with the natural hair.
Here's my braids photo. I love them, by the way ;)
I would (notice the use of "would" and not "will". #LazyWomanTalking) post an update on how I care for these braids and progress so far.
Ok, so today, I got 2 hair products from Park n Shop. Park n Shop is right next to my office (which is just pure torture, btw!) so I get most of my hair care products from there. Which means I spend at least 2 days in each week, ogling their hair aisle. The hair aisle is not exactly favourable to black naturals but you can see get some pretty interesting stuff over there. So today, I got myself a Parachute Coconut Oil which I've been using from the get-go and totally love!

And also, Alberto V05 Moisture Milks Moisturising Conditioner which I heard a lot of wonderful reviews about.

I am going to try out the V05 and see if my hair loves it. Good thing is, it's not pricey so experimenting will not be a problem.
Oh yes! Almost forgot! I got this too :D For my tea rinse. Details on that subsequently

Ciao now!
Stay beautiful!


  1. Let me be the first to 'disvirgin' ur comment section... Yay!!!

    You're on the right part to transitioning. Let me warn you though, some days would be better than others but you'll get through and that VO5 is a friend indeed!

    Oh, and by the way, welcome to blogsville, where we share friendly knocks, love and cheer!!!

    1. Many thanks for disvirgining my blog, P.E.T ^_^. Thanks for stopping by.
      Hope to see more of you here!

  2. Please let me be the second to dis-virgin your comment section *side eye at PET* You know you need to do it twice to be completely sure *cough* Ok, *now sipping holy water*

    So tea rinse really? Please come back with instructions o. I'm going through a transition phase myself. I was thinking of going on dreads but i think i'll leave my hair out for a while before considering that again.

    And yea, welcome to blogville although i see you've been awol.

    1. Hi Toinlicious,
      So glad you left a comment on my blog. I really didn't think anyone read it. I was on the brink of bringing it down when I saw your comment and it's quite thrilling. So much has happened to my hair since this update. I must upload the progress. Thanks for stopping by. Bless!

  3. Hello mo, i do hope you enjoyed your transition and i saw from your bantu knot post that your edges are doing great.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, NaturalV. Yes, my edges are doing great now. Although there's still some hint of its earlier trying journeys. I'm attacking that with Castor oil though.


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