Friday, July 26, 2013

Oils to Smooth the Grind...and Itch!

Hi guys,
I'm so excited about the new additions I've made to my hair products collection. I got some new oils courtesy Twentysix85 some days back and I'm impatient as to seeing the results. I bought the Grapeseed Oil, Haitian Castor Oil and Organix Moroccan Argan Oil.
For a while now, I've been trying to get my hands on any essential oil especially Tea tree oil as I heard it is really good dandruff and I have always suffered from that. Luckily, on Sunday, I strolled into a HealthPlus pharmacy and discovered a wide array of carrier oils and essential oils. Honestly, it was like oil heaven. I couldn't believe such a place was so close all this while! As I had already made an order of oils from Twentysix85, I didn't want to overdo on the spending. I bought Tea Tree Oil and the pharmacist on ground even helped me further by selecting one from an organic range of essential oils! I probably should take my camera there one of these days and show you guys all the wonderful oils they have on display.
Tisserand Organic Tea Tree Oil
I have said a couple of times here that I love using coconut oil for my hair as it is very agreeable with my hair. Well, I am going to have to cut out coconut oil and shea butter for a while. The reason is because I suffer from scalp eczema. I guess it was inevitable that I was going to get some scalp eczema as I am always battling dandruff (eczema is caused by the same fungus that causes dandruff). I have found out that coconut oil, shea butter and olive oil fuel scalp eczema. Add castor oil to that mix. Those who have read about my regimen know that those are all I use! You can read about scalp eczema on Natural Haven's blog here. When I see it on my scalp now, I just sigh. I have battled eczema since I was a kid. FYI eczema is a skin allergy and most times, hereditary. Mine's definitely hereditary. Everyone on my mother's side is saddled with it. There is probably nothing that I haven't used to treat it. And I always found that if I used something that worked for it, after some time of consistent use, my body grew resistant against it. I really don't want to have that battle with my scalp too.
The last time I had scalp eczema some months ago, I used Damatol. I was well aware that it had lanolin and mineral oil but I was desperate enough to use it. It worked. But now, I don't think I want to do that and set myself back again. So, I've decided that since Tea Tree Oil is well acclaimed to be good for dandruff, then it'll work for scalp eczema. I know that Natural Haven said one should stop all natural oils but I can't really see myself doing that. How else am I expected to lock in all that moisture? So, I'm switching to my new Grapeseed Oil mixed with Tea Tree Oil. Grapeseed Oil is known for its moisturising and conditioning properties. It is a hair loss remedy and also aids in the relief of dandruff and is absorbed into the scalp. Perfect, eh?
I am also stubborn enough to use the Haitian Castor Oil mixed with Tea Tree Oil. I will update you guys on the results.
Haitian Castor oil 4oz/118ml

Grapeseed Oil 2oz/59ml

I was a bit let down with the Organix Moroccan Argan Oil when it arrived. I actually thought it was the real pure stuff. Whereas, this came with several things mixed in. More concerning was the fact that it contained cones :(. I have always avoided silicone products whenever I am shopping for hair products. I read that they're bad and cause build up on your hair so I stay away. I don't particularly know if my hair hates them. You can read about the effect of cones on your hair here. Well, the good people at Twentysix85 assured me that hair is relative and encouraged me to try it out before discrediting it. So I'm going to try out the Organix Argan Oil for a while and see how my hair responds to it.

I fear I may have rambled on for too long. This post was supposed to be very brief. Laters people!

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