Friday, June 21, 2013

Here's to a Healthy Mane Regimen!

Hi guys,
It occurred to me that from most of the views I get on this blog are from people here for the Natural Hair care posts. Just as a sort of disclaimer, everything I post on my hair is based on what I have found to work for MY hair. Natural hair is so versatile and interesting that most times, there is no one size fits all. You can only borrow people's ideas and try to see if it will work for you. Some of you will see that I try out a couple of stuff on my hair that do not work out and I move on. I urge you to do same. Visit different blogs and try out whatever interests you (but with some caution) and see if it works for you.
That said, I wanted to give my visitors/readers an insight into my hair regimen. Daily or otherwise. I like to keep my regimen very simple. I used to think I'm not very adventurous with a lot of things. So when I find something that works for me, I tend to stick with it and move on. Natural hair has taught me otherwise. Truth is, if you really are curious about natural hair, it's hard not to be a tad adventurous. In fact, making the change from creamy crack to natural hair is a major adventure on its own. Finding a new regimen is an adventure on its own. Having a regular DC mix you use but wanting to try something new is an adventure on its own. So, hard to be a natural hair enthusiast and not be that little bit adventurous.

Still, I like to keep my regimen very simple.

- Co-wash: This works twice a week but my busy work life moved it into weekly. Hey! I work hard! I co-wash with my V05 Moisture Milk Conditioner which I got a while ago and mentioned here. I also detangle during my wash. I do each co-wash in sections of 8 or less (as my hair grows, the number reduces). I usually put in the Conditioner twice and rinse respectively.

- Deep Conditioning: I do this every 2 weeks when I don't have a weave in. My DC mix is usually done at home because I'm generally more trusting of using a mix made of natural foods than anything else and also, there is a dearth of natural hair products in Nigeria. I put in my DC mix in my hair and in sections and then wear a plastic bag (or 2) for about an hour or more, depending on how busy I am. I wash with a shampoo and condition twice after every DC. I also finish with an ACV rinse and/or tea rinse. As the spirit leads.

- Moisture and Seal: I moisturise and seal in the moisture after every wash. I first put in my Profectiv 3-in-1 solution which I use as a leave-in conditioner
  then I put on Coconut oil/olive oil (I prefer Coconut oil)

and afterwards, add on a little shea butter.
My mum helps me get these from the local market and she can tell the original product from the altered.

I make sure to massage my scalp with some Castor Oil. Castor Oil is a heavy oil and shouldn't be too concentrated on your hair, lest it weighs it down. Very good for the scalp. Did wonders for my iya iyabo hairline ^_^

I use this oil very sparingly as it took me a long time to lay my hands on this bottle.

- Spritz, Spritz, Spritz!: I try to spritz everyday! Our hair loves and needs moisture. No better moisturiser than water. Just try not to soak your scalp in too much water. If you're like me, you'd just catch a cold if you do. My Spritz bottle contains 80% water, 10% coconut oil and 10% olive oil. The oils help to seal in the moisture once spritzed. I don't have any elaborate spritz bottle. I just use an old Body splash bottle that does the job. Put it in your bag and spritz when you remember. You may not be able to avoid the occasional curious look from strangers or friends when they wonder why you're spraying Body Splash on your hair though. Lol. I even had a friend once return from a trip to the States where he bought me several bottles of Victoria's Secrets Body Splash cos he "knew I love to use this a lot". No, I don't!
Handbag accessory

- Night, moisturise, seal, braid: That's what I do. I moisturise and seal in sections as above. Then I braid the hair and tie on my silk scarf.

- I style in the morning.

Note that in doing all of these, I almost never comb my hair. I do more of finger combing. The only time I tend to comb my hair is when I want to style it. It helps for length retention so there's less breakage.

I want to try my first hot oil treatment soon. Will post on the results.

Everyone should have a regimen. What's yours?

Ciao now!

Stay beautiful.


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