Monday, July 29, 2013

Quick Hair-dos and Pet Peeves

Hi guys,

I'm a bundle of emotions right now and none of them positive. It just sucks that my Monday is so messed up. In a bid to defocus off my foul mood, I have come to find succour in the internet. The worldwide web always distracts me from everything. Bless Tim Berners-Lee's creative heart.
I'd just be showing you a few photos of yesterday and today's hair-dos and posting a mini-rant.
Yesterday, I had a barbeque party for a friend's birthday to attend so I wore my hair in something of a Fro-hawk. Here are pictures of yesterday's hair.

I wasn't sweaty. I don't know why it looks like I was

These pictures were actually taken when I returned home at about 9pm. I made this hair-do early at 8am because I wore it first to church before going for the Come Chop. I was glad the style kept for those hours and shrinkage didn't really affect its look.
All I used to create the hairstyle were bobby pins and my Organics Root Stimulator Edge Control. I'd do a review on the product in my next update.
Yesterday, I was pleased to discover that I can now cornrow my whole hair in one straight French braid (didi). Yaaaaaay? It meant my hair had grown some and it was a pleasant surprise. I think this is long overdue though. I didn't take any pictures though because last night was such a queer night. 
Here are some pictures of today's look. I sprinted out of the house in a rush early this morning and had no time to fuss over hair. I just loosened the French braid and used my fingers to fluff my hair into an afro and then wore my pink hair band on it.

There. These pictures too are of after my return. I'm hardly thinking of taking pictures when I have a hectic day ahead.
You know what my peeve about my hair is lately? It's the fact that my hair seems to be growing at a really slow pace. Seriously. I thought I was being paranoid before but now, I think it's true. This is what? 1 year 6months hair, thereabout. I should honestly have had much more growth than this. And it is certainly not full. I had my natural hair on until after secondary school because my mum insisted on it. So I have a very good idea of how full my natural hair can be. This present hair is certainly not full. Even more thought provoking is the fact that I remember I was hardly taking care of the hair back then. I desire volume. Perhaps even more than I desire length!
I'm probably and most likely doing something wrong but I don't know yet what that thing is. I try not to be a product junkie as I keep thinking that's not what my hair necessarily needs but I think I may need to start buying some off-the-shelf products pretty soon. I usually have my faith in natural goods but maybe I should see if other products will give me some much more desired results. One thing I'm most certainly going to get is a good leave-in conditioner. That Profectiv stuff I use is just not doing it. And the other day, when I looked in at the ingredients, I found that it's just basically an oil mix. Suggestions are welcome on any tried and tested good leave-in to use.

Another pet peeve? My edges. WHY WONT THEY GROW????
Just look at that. Ugh!

Upper part of the sleeked section

After all of the castor oil I've bathed them in, one would think they would have made better progress than that! Yes, it's improved but not enough! This is about a year of castor oil devotion. I Am Not Impressed!

I need suggestions:

1) What products do you suggest I try out for length and volume?
2) My edges!
3) Where can I get henna? I need to dye my hair, biko!

Ciao guys!
Be beautiful and in a good mood!


  1. Ok so we're having the same problems although i've never really had volume but i still desire it. I've not gotten castor oil yet. I'll have to wait on tips for this one.


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