Thursday, August 1, 2013

Organic Root Stimulator Edge Control - A Review

Hi guys,
I did promise in my last post to write a review of the Organic Root Stimulator Edge Control which I used to create my frohawk.
My sister was kind enough to send the product over to me to try out so I didn't buy it here. But I did spy it in the popular Alhaja's Shop some weeks back. The tag on it says £4.95 so it shouldn't be too different from that here.
The pack promises "superior hold and shine" and perfect control for your edges. It further promises moisture and excellent hold without hardening the hair.
WHAT IT CONTAINS: Some natural products and scientific name products. Of note are the fact that it contains parabens. If you are finicky about paraben free products, you may need to take a step back here.
So, I used this gel to sleek down my edges when I was styling and it did a pretty good job. My hair was not made stiff from it. It got the hold it needed. I also saw that a little went a long way with this one. So, I didn't have to pack on the gel. The hold was just fine. Unfortunately, I have no pictures of the hairdo when I just styled it. It was also not greasy for me and gave good hold.
HOWEVER, about 4 hours or so after I had used this gel, I noticed it had turned to water or oil, I was not sure which. It had lost all forms of hold and just sat on my hair strands like that. Making itself totally useless. Many times, I tried to sleek it into my hair with my fingers but soon, it came out and just sat there. That was a bit ticking off. If it does provide moisture, shouldn't said moisture be absorbed into the hair?
That shine you see on the sleeked section? That's not shine. That's the gel. Just sitting there. Doing nothing.
[click on image for a closer view]

The gel is not too clear on this image but if you look closer, you'd notice a
whitish looking substance on the hair
  • Non-greasy feel
  • It didn't harden or stiffen my hair when I put it in
  • It gave great hold when I put it in
  • Smells delicious!
  • A little goes a long way
  • It is clear gel
  • Contains parabens
  • Hold lasted only for a few hours
  • Its claim to provide moisture is questionable 
I won't be throwing it away. I may use it for a style I don't intend wearing for too long and wash my hair afterwards.
I'm out of my V05 Moisturising Milk Conditioner so I went on a hunt for it today. I found very few of the conditioner and no moisture milk variance. I wasn't sure which to get. When I spied the back of the V05 Tea Therapy Revitalizing Conditioner where it read "revitalizing formula, with blackberry and sage extracts, gives hair volume and bounce" though, I quickly grabbed that off the shelf. You know how I'm presently hunting for some volume.
[click for a closer view to read what it claims to do and the ingredient]

I may write an update on how this turns out.
Ciao people!
Stay beautiful and useful!
NB: I wrote this post on night of the 30th of July but the internet didn't let me publish it. I'm not making any alterations as to dates. 

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