Friday, August 9, 2013

It Really is Just Hair!

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Hi guys,
On the night of last Wednesday, I was having a chat with my fellow nache friend, Notey about this whole natural hair experience. She was saying that she was going to get her hair into locs as she was tired of the high maintenance that 'regular' natural hair entails. I couldn't blame her. I understood perfectly. I was even telling her that I had made up my mind to stop buying stuff for my hair. My obsession with volume and length has made me go all out into product junkism and be spending money I could use for other useful things. Later, our conversation switched to leave-in conditioners and I was already telling her that maybe I should buy the leave-in she uses and then thankfully, she stopped me and reminded me that I said I wasn't going to spend anymore on this hair.
This got me thinking. I remember when I was making the transition into natural hair and also when I decided to have a BC. I was always singing the Natural Hair mantra: "It's Just Hair!" Interesting how I have lost focus and made hair such a huge part of my life that I'm thinking of it all the time and spending and buying for it all the time. It has even taken over this blog. What for? For length and volume that will only come in due time. It's Distressing Myself season and my hair and I have got to realise that.
So yes, truly, I won't be buying anything else I don't need. The jojoba and argan oils can stay on the pharmacy shelves they're on. I have 6 oils here. If the combination of all 6 wont be doing anything special, I doubt Jojoba and argan oil can. I won't be spending my money on any leave-in conditioners either. I'd stick with my beloved Profectiv 3-in-1 strengthener even though the other day, I discovered it contains cones. Or better still, I'd just make a homemade one. Why will I spend unnecessary money buying off-the-shelf products when there is an abundance of  natural products that cost little and that I can easily whip up?
I have also learnt that I shouldn't sweat the small stuff. All these obsessions with cones, parabens, sulfates, mineral oils, etc. Life's not that hard. When I had scalp eczema and dandruff, I used good old sulfur-8-mineral-oil-lanolin-petroleum-jelly-filled Damatol and the stuff went without hassles. Now, the Grapeseed Oil and Tea Tree Oil which was supposed to do same and with a natural feel didn't do jack and even made me itch like a dog with fleas! This life na jeje abeg. If I find a product that's free from all those stuff and won't hurt my pocket, all well and good.
Now, the only things I'd be spending money on as regards my hair will be to replace the products I already have when they get exhausted and maybe that occasional thing I'm certain will be good for me. I'm not working to feed my hair, biko! I won't stop writing on hair on this blog because I'm still very interested in it. But I'd take my mind off it more and focus on other things that interest me so I can tell about them.
Afterall, it's really just hair!
Stay beautiful!


  1. Indeed in nike's voice there has been a paradigm shift mo sho is a full time girl naw....... Great job boo loving this blog oh..😘

    1. Haha! I see your brake lights, Bukola. Thanks for stopping by.


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