Sunday, August 11, 2013


Hey people!

Long weekends have to come with some fun stuff, right? Well, on Saturday, my sister was talking about feeling like eating Yamarita and I told her I had recently found the recipe off Dunni's blog and I could prepare it for her. Dunni has got a very fantastic food blog, I tell you.

Now, I'm not really a yam lover. In fact, I'm not a yam lover. I'd rather not eat it unless I'm very hungry and there's nothing else to eat. I haven't even eaten yamarita before. I'm not even sure if I've seen it except on the menu of TFC's eatery. I just hear people gush about it. But I was pretty impressed with the outcome of this yamarita.

Apparently, the native name for yamarita is Dundun Oniyeri but yamarita is a coined name.


Yam - sliced in slim pieces
2 eggs
Maggi seasoning
Cayenne pepper
Mixed spice
Oil for deep frying

I cut the yam, peeled it and sliced it this way:

I then rinsed it severally to get the starch out and until the water was clear. Then I soaked it in Salted water. This was to ensure that the yam was well salted.

I mixed the egg with the maggi, salt, curry, cayenne pepper and mixed spice. After the yam was soaked for about 10 minutes, I dipped it in the egg mixture and then rolled it in flour.


I then proceeded to deep-fry it. Make sure you deep-fry on low heat for about 7-10 minutes. This is to ensure that the yam gets to cook and the egg does not get burnt. I think I prefer this to boiling the yam first and the yam was well cooked inside.

You can use potatoes with this recipe if you desire.

I didn't do a dipping sauce. I felt I had done more than enough by helping my siblings fry yam. Between you and I, I was just feeling lazy.

I don't like yam but I really did not mind this yamarita at all. Fantastic stuff. Amazing how easy it is too. My family was all over it.

Do try it.


So, I went on Dunni's blog and saw that she had written another post for yamarita that was slightly different. She boiled the yam before coating it and she coated the yam in egg a second time after dipping in flour. So, since my siblings ate boiled yam and egg on this Sunday morning, I decided to use the yam for this other style of yamarita. Here is the result:

This version is definitely crispier. But my sister says she loves the crispyness of this version but it lacks the dundun taste because the yam was boiled before being coated. So, you can do whichever version you please.


I'd really love to get some feedback from you. Hit me up in the comment box! :)