Wednesday, August 28, 2013

TWA Hairspiration

Hi guys,

So, it would seem that recently, a few friends are considering the Big Chop and rocking a TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro) but are not quite certain. Notice I said Big Chop and not 'Going natural'? Well, 1 or 2 are "not sure if they want to do that whole high maintenance of natural hair" but they have been experiencing some hair damage and want to start again even if with perm.

Whatever your choice is, whether it be natural or relaxed hair, do not be scared to take a pair of scissors to that mane and start again.Just be sure to take care of the hair. Short hair does not mean abandonment. You still have to discover a regimen that works for you. A few reasons I can think of for doing this are:
  1. A whole new look! Let people be surprised when they see you. You'd relish it. 
  2. 'Fresh breeze' can finally touch your scalp. Believe me, that feeling is out of this world. 
  3. You can be taking a shower and easily point that shower head straight on your hair. 
  4. Clean hair all the time! Relates to 3. 
  5. Hair is easier to wash, moisturise, touch etc. at that stage. 
  6. Hair care is a breeze.
  7. Few to no tangles.
  8. You get the chance to finally see how beautiful you can be without a lot of hair. Put that saying about 'the hair being the crowning glory (or is it beauty) of a woman' to the test. You are beautiful beyond hair. 
  9. More time to focus on other stuff. 
  10. Wash and Gos are your staple.
So, if you still are not convinced as to whether you should rock that TWA, let me tempt you further with these wonderful TWA hairporn photos. *evil laugh* 





After all of these, I'm so tempted to go back to having a TWA again. So stressless *sigh*. Are you not convince now? No? No???


I'm done here! 
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Ciao guys! 
Stay beautiful and Big Chop...maybe! 

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