Friday, June 14, 2013


Hi guys,

I did promise to give you an update on my bantu knots which I blogged about here. Well, I unravelled today and here's the result:


So, I didn't like the result of my bantu knot outs. I don't know. Is it a 4c syndrome for hairstyles to not come out like you see them on youtube? Or to not have your curls hanging in perfect springs on your head? *sigh* I think the fact that my hair is 4c is part of the issue but hey! it's my hair, I'm making it work for me!

I took my big toothed comb and combed/brushed the sides up to make a Mohawk out of my bantu knot curls. I combed the sides up. Not too thoroughly, though. I then held them up with bobby pins. The curls then were sitting on my head. It really wasn't a bad look at the end of the day.
Honestly, I'm fed up of these pictures rotating themselves. Arrgh! (Do please turn your head)
There! I even got someone to tell me I looked beautiful so I guess I did something right with the hair.
PS: Do bantu knots work for your hair?
Stay beautiful! 

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