Thursday, June 13, 2013


Hi, guys. here's more on my hair update.

Yesterday, I wanted to have a DC (Deep Conditioning) and decided to try out something new. Some time ago on twitter, a friend had suggested I try a Banana, avocado mix. Now, usually my routine DC mix is a combo of mayonnaise, egg, honey, coconut/olive oil and/or shea butter. This new mix though was:
Bananas - 4
Avocado - 1
Egg - 1
Honey - 2 tablespoons
Coconut oil - 1 tablespoon

I bought a very ripe, perhaps even overripe avocado. I thought it was going to blend easier. I don't know if that was a mistake. By the time I opened the avocado, it was really yucky and disgusting! I don't like avocado so I wasn't ready for the surprise of this look. I took a picture for your consumption.

Lighting was poor in my tiny abode so pictures may not be very clear.

I blended the bananas first to be able to get a good paste free from clumps. Even stole a few spoons out of that. Next, I put in the yucky avocado. I tried to use as much as I could. The rest went in the dustbin. I really can't stand that fruit. I hear a lot of nice things about it and how it helps with weight loss. No, thanks. I'd rather exercise. I noticed that after I blended in the avocado, the mix turned brown. I couldn't explain why. Is that supposed to happen? Was the avocado bad? Still, I noticed the mix was really quite think. I added very minimal water to the blend.
Next, I put in the honey, egg and coconut oil. I noticed it was still quite thick and I was glad. I first braided my hair in sections of 8 or more and then proceeded to put in the mix.

This is the point where it starts spiralling downwards.

The thickness was a façade. The mix had no hold! As I put it in my hair, it was splattering everywhere! And before I knew it, once I put in the mix, it already began to turn into water and drip all over me. There was mixture everywhere! I quickly put it in and put on two plastic shower caps. Honestly, I was ready to wash it all out immediately but my brother came visiting and I couldn't leave him behind to go wash my hair. I smelt like bananas and honey. Once he was gone about an hour after, I jumped in the bath.

I noticed there was a pool of liquid already sitting in my shower cap. I first rinsed, then washed once and in sections with my shampoo. I use the Hawaiian Silk Moroccan Argan Oil Hydrating Shampoo (Too many words).
I like it because it's non-sulphate and doesn't leave my hair dry. After which I co-washed twice with my V05 Moisture Silk Conditioner. And then I finished it up an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse to remove build up and clarify my hair and scalp. Need I say I took a vigorous bath afterwards?

I dried up my hair with a towel and then put in my Live-in conditioner. I use a Profectiv 3-in-1 Solution as my leave-in. As an aside, I am yet to see a blog that says what leave-in they use. That was why I was stuck with using this Profectiv. Although it seems it was made for relaxed hair but still... What leave-in do you use by the way?
After the leave-in, I put in coconut oil and sealed with shea butter. I did all of these with my hair in sections. I'm sorry, I didn't take any pictures of that process. I thought to braid it in sections again for the night but instead, I put my hair in bantu knots. I tried by first using my LustraSilk Curl Activator (I must remember to write a post about this) for each knot but after the first knot, I noticed it left my hair feeling dry. Afterwards, I just put some shea butter on my fingers for each knot. I'm still interested in knowing how the knot with the Curl Activator turns out though.
Afterwards, I tied on my silk scarf and went to bed. Mehn, I started at 7pm and ended about 11pm. This natural hair thing is not a small sometin.

About my DC, after I was done with it, I don't think it made my hair any better than my normal mayo mix does. It was okay. My hair was soft afterwards. I just didn't like all the mess it caused. I sure wouldn't be trying it again any time soon.

My bantu knots are still in, I'd post a photo of the knot out when I'm ready to unravel them.

Till next post, Stay Beautiful!

PS: Yes, I did see Fast & Furious 6. To post a review or not is my dilemma. Girls are tired, biko! All I know is buff bald men are not my thing.

PPS: How do I follow blogs o? Especially Toinlicious' blog. That place confuses me.

PPPS: Wouldn't be bad if you followed this here blog, you know ;-)

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