Friday, June 28, 2013


There's something in the air. And it has made me really vocal these days.
For those who know me, I am usually a very quiet person. Yes, I do have my moments when I may tend to be very vocal and outspoken but they are usually spontaneous moments and times when I am in my element and in very comfortable, familiar company. I'm that wet blanket in a gathering. Just soaking up information. Never letting any out. I have been taken advantage of one too many times because of this. A few special people have had issues with my nature. For a while, I tried to overcome this many times but to no avail. Recently, I just accepted myself so. I'm just majorly more comfortable not talking much. Well, I'm comfortable until someone questions why I'm being quiet then I try to spit out some incoherent, forced conversation.
However, today, I wondered what happened. I wondered where I went and who this being is who has taken over my flesh and turned its mouth into a chatterbox. I don't even realise it when I just begin to talk and tell you how I am unimpressed with you.
I had some bank transactions to do today so after I was done at the withdrawal bank, I headed to the Deposit bank to pay. After I had stood on the queue in the banking hall for a bit, (today is the last Friday of the month so I could excuse the queue and slow pace of service) I remembered that that particular Bank usually had a Bulk room in its branches. I left the queue and went in search of their Bulk Room. On arriving there, I joined the seated queue - 3 people were ahead of me. After about 5-7 minutes, a young man came towards me and made some ridiculous sign language indicating he needed my pen. So I look at Young Man pointedly and hand him my pen (read biro) with a strict "make sure you return it" PING! After a while, Young Man returns my pen by pointing it straight at me. I took the pen and looked away. Then I was like 'wait a minute!' I couldn't let that pass. Before I knew it, I called Young Man and gave him a lecture of how society is fast losing its good manners and picking up too many bad habits. PING!! I told him about the value and importance of a 'please' and 'thank you' and high-handedly told him I never lose sense of those words because my mum taught me their value (my mum would have been so proud). I further told him how it was not my duty to bring a pen to the bank for him to use so I deserved some courtesy in asking. I didn't even think I didn't have the right. I just said those things. I was glad that he ended it with a 'Sorry'. At least, he remembered the third important word.
Moving on, I was on this queue another 10 minutes when I had another Wait-a-Minute moment. I asked the man beside me "Ahahn! What's happening? This queue isn't moving. Who are the cashiers here?" He showed me one lone cashier who just sat at some point with another man. Apparently, the other man was a customer being attended to. Fine. After a while, the cashier took what seemed to me as a leisurely stroll out of the room. He definitely didn't seem like he was in a hurry or like he knew others were waiting. That was the point when I spoke up. PING!! I saw a woman in a glass stall nearby and asked her what was going on. I questioned their system and let them know I was disappointed. I was just talking. People were staring at me. She told me the cashier was coming. I didn't stop still. Cashier came in and was even telling me "Shebi you just came". To which I replied "Who told you I just came? I've been here for quite a while! Even if I just came. The people I met on the queue are still here. Why is it so? I have so many things I need to do today, lounging in your bank is not one of them. I just came from Bank X and had no troubles and was out in no time! This is the first branch of Bank Z whether in Lagos or otherwise that I have seen to be so distasteful." The woman in the glass stall eventually told me to bring my teller so she can deposit my money for me. Abi now. Seeing as my wahala was too much, abeg, let this troublesome customer just go, let us hear word and continue listening to our Wazobia FM (for real).
Anyways, I got my deposit in. The other cashier man still talked but for every 1 he said, I gave him 20. I couldn't be bothered. Service was done and I was out of there.
As I walked out of the bank to the nearest bus stop, it started occurring to me that what I did back there was so out of character and I started to question why. That was short-lived though. On my way to the busstop, I noticed traffic on the narrow road. As I walked up front, I noticed a bit of chaos. I then realised that a tow truck had towed a car and people were against it and preventing them from moving. Guess who was behind the towing? LASTMA, of course. Before I knew it, this spirit inside this flesh dragged it towards a LASTMA official and I was going "LASTMA, are you not the one that's supposed to be easing the flow of traffic? Why are you the one causing it? Move your crowd off the road and let people go about their businesses!" PING!!! Honestly, I don't know what it is with this spirit. Who sent me to be loudspeaker? Miss Fighter for Causes. I quickly shut up and went to the busstop.
Well, after this, I still entered a bus and challenged the conductor of trying to hold on to my change so I'd forget it. *sigh* When did I become this person?
I'm forced to think it's my job/profession that's only just taking effect. Perhaps it was inevitable? I'm becoming a stereotype. That's the part that makes me cringe the most. You see, I'm a Lawyer. More Barrister than Solicitor until recently. For years, I have on the morning of every weekday preceded my day with a bow and a "May it please the Court". I have been a litigation lawyer for too long for this to not take effect. Start my day with talking, addressing, arguing before a Court then return to spend long hours in an office filled with other litigation lawyers. Talking is my profession.
People used to ask me how I could be a lawyer and be so quiet. I didn't think it mattered. I still don't. The reality is, it's not by how much you say but by the quality of what you say, no matter how little. I must admit though that sometimes, the plenty talk gets you through. I have seen that work to my disadvantage of a few times. But no, it's more of the quality. And again, when you realise that if you don't put behind this your quietness to make a point before a judge, you will be putting someone's case at stake, you will talk.
Or perhaps it is age?
I'm not sure I like this new person. I hope she'd stay more subdued more often and only arise when needed. I like being quiet. So much goes on in the mind of a quiet person. And there's so much more to observe.
Well, there's something in the air. And it has made me vocal.


  1. One can only be quiet for so long in the face of chaos :). Pls dont keep the voice subdued....but as you underscored quality should supersede quantity.

    The bank staff could have been having a genuine complex transaction but in the end its the customers' perception that is key. He could have told those on the queue what he was about, he could have walked with purpose not languidly, eye contact and a silently mouthed - i will be with you soon. Its still about courtesy and customer management. Sadly i dont think he has learnt his lesson.

    1. Very true, Ginger. I also doubt he learnt his lesson. That was obvious from his words.

      Thanks for stopping by though. :)

  2. lmfao
    am laughing so hard that am sure my office pple will think ve lost it
    wow! i wish i was there to witness all these
    welcome to my world gal!!!!!!
    and whateva is in the air that made u so vocal sud stay dia and neva leave


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