Sunday, June 23, 2013

Of Lazy Sundays and Life's Randomness

1. Alarm goes off at 5am. Awww heck! *snooze*. Old habits died hard, even for alarm clocks.

2. Crawled out of bed at 6am anyways. Hate keeping early morning hair appointments.

3. Full bowels. Need to off-load. What the! There's a mouse in my toilet bowl!!! How on this frigging earth did it get in there?

4. I'm too scared to look at it. I really hate mice. And rats. And moles. Darn all the rodents! Except the rabbits, of course. Rabbit are cute. And the squirrels too. (<_<)


6. There! Empty toilet bowl but for that little pocket of water. I'd rather stare at that.

7. Surprisingly, bowels don't feel pressed anymore. Nah! No sitting on that thing just yet.

8. Shower, play dress up, hit the road. Heading to downtown Ebute-Metta. *hums Banky W's Ebute-metta etta etta eh eh eh!*

9. Braids lady is waiting with her new gigantic plastic eyelashes. I wonder if she sees me. She smiles. I guess she does.

10. 3 ladies work it out on my hair. I love my hairdresser.

11. 3 men afar off talking in loud Yoruba voices about nightcrawling, picking women and what graphics adventures they have together. I'm only concerned about the kids nearby. Hopefully, or not, they don't understand Yoruba.

12. *hums Banky W's Ebute-metta etta etta eh eh eh!*

13. Braids are lovely *skips*. Thanks, lady. Do you see me wave?

14. No electricity. Calls Oyin. She's got electricity. Heaves laptop bag on shoulder. Skips out.

15. OYIN! Moi-moi, gossip, bicker, gossip, eat Indomie, gossip.

16. Had so much Indomie this week. Miss mum's sunday rice. Must make home next weekend.

17. Must head to my tiny flat now. Still haven't finished that proposal. Must change that.

18. Branches market to buy rat gum, rat poison and Sniper. Hit 'em from all corners.

19. I love sundays. Love the relaxed air. The tension's gone until 6am tomorrow. When the toil begins over.


  1. LoL

    And they say i'm Random -_-

    Thanks for stopping over at mine :)

    1. You're most welcome, AB. Hoping to see more of you here!

  2. Rat in the toilet? Eerk! Poor guy - death by drowning. Even your WC has joined you in the fight lol.


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