Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Olympus Has Fallen - A Review


I saw Olympus Has Fallen at the cinemas at about 1.25pm today. Here's a summary:
The US White House gets ambushed and overtaken in a terrorist attack masterminded by a North Korean-US hating terrorist. The president (Aaron Eckhart) is taken hostage along with the Secretary of State and some admiral and another. A disgraced former presidential guard, Mike Banning (Gerald Butler) found himself trapped in the White House and is the only link to the Pentagon, helps rescue the President's son and is the ultimate saviour of the day.
Ok, my major attraction to this movie was the fact that Morgan Freeman's face was all over the poster (sue me). When I got to the cinemas to see the movie, I saw Gerard Butler on the big screen. Another plus. Hey, I love eye candy! However, I got disappointed with this movie. Do not get me wrong, it is quite interesting. At least, it held my attention till the very end. Only just so heavily clichéd and dripping of such gagging American patriotism. The story was so not original. Let me give you a hint. You know the end of those action movies where the hero kills the bad guy who has set off a bomb that going to exploded in one minute and wipe out the whole of America and the hero has to figure out the code to deactivate the bomb? *sigh* Yes. I'm sorry, Yes. 
If your thing is just lots of explosions, gun-totting heroes prancing around your screen and cheesy conversations, look no further. This is your movie.
Further annoying about this movie was how this internal issue of terrorism in the US was going to affect world peace. The US president was taken hostage and in minutes, the Indian, South Korean and Russian governments declared States of Emergency in their respective countries. Seriously?! Talk about huge clouded American egos!
Still, not a bad movie. Good suspense. The scenes of chaos were very dramatic and exciting. It held my attention till the very end. At least, Gerard Butler made it less painful. Hehe! Although I wished Angela Bassett showed a few more appropriate expressions for some scenes such as times of a crisis.
So this is just my opinion, guys. You should see it to form yours too. I hope to go see Fast and Furious 6 tomorrow. Heard a lot of good reviews about it. Should post a review on that too. Till the next post, ciao guys!

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