Saturday, June 29, 2013

From Transitioning to BC to TWA to BSL (well, soon)

Hi guys,
I did promise to post an update when I found pictures of my BC/TWA. Well, I found a few and a few of my transitioning hair.
My last relaxer was put in on the 4th January, 2012. I remember the date because my last relaxer before that had been put in in September, 2011 and I was already playing with the idea of going natural from there forth and making that my last relaxer. Before going natural, I didn't retouch my hair so often. It was always a quarterly thing. I never much fancied relaxers and I always wanted to be far gone with my undergrowth (read new natural hair) before I put in another relaxer. So I usually retouched every 4 months. However, after my September 2011 relaxer (my lovely sister {she's going to read this} even went natural around this time), when I had decided that to be my last relaxer, I chickened out. My colleague and friends thought it was the most ridiculous idea. They couldn't understand it. I must admit, it all got to me. So one weekday, 4th January, 2012 (I remember because I really didn't want to but had decided that that would be my 2nd last - whatever that is - relaxer so I needed to start counting from then), after work, my colleague and I went to the salon after work and got relaxers in. It was even Dr. Miracle's, my staple relaxer at the time, that I used. Anyway, I started counting from then. After that relaxer, I decided that was indeed my last relaxer and I started working towards growing out my relaxed ends.
Let me admit to why I transitioned. It was simply because I was scared of what people would think of my looks after it. This is funny now but then, even though it was, I couldn't admit it to anyone. You see, I didn't have a boyfriend at the time. ( ._.). Almost a year. ( ._.) ( ._.). The years were counting. My ovaries were upset! (._. ) (._.)( ._.). Hey! Don't judge me! I asked public opinion (read male opinion because I thought it mattered at the time) what they thought if I had a hair cut. Needless to say I got negative responses. Even from my mum. No one wanted it except for my paddy, my wonderful buddy, Olumide. Most importantly, I asked the one guy I fancied at the time and who seemed to fancy me. Seemed, yes. He was the most vehement about me not getting a hair cut. He said he was never going to speak with me if I did. I knew and know that was ridiculous but honestly, I just couldn't do it after that. Before you preach to me about how I should do what I want for me and forget anybody else's opinion and how if he couldn't like me on a TWA, he wasn't worth it, don't worry. I knew all of that at the time. I was just... I don't know. But I knew.
Funny thing is, I had had a low cut before. Just before I went to the university. Everyone said if suited me just fine and some people kept saying, after I grew my hair out, that they preferred me on short hair.
Well, I transitioned basically because of public opinion. But I itched to have a hair cut. Seriously. I wanted it! I remembered my days of a hair cut and I wanted it back. I knew it was going to suit me. I guess public opinion mattered more. 
During my transitioning period, I wore a lot of braids (extensions) just to grow out the hair. Below are too many some transitioning pictures.
Little base natural hair. See my poor edges :(
Just had a wash here. I now used fresh blended aloe vera gel as a leave-in. Bloody thing left my hair with particles that took forever to wash out.
Trademark hairstyle at the time.
As the hair grew longer, the two different textures became really tough to deal with. The relaxed ends were beginning to break seriously. And packing the hair into a pony tail was having a clownish outcome. One mid-summer afternoon (yimu. More like mid-rainy season) in September, after I took out my braids, I was so frustrated that Mr. Fancy or no Mr. Fancy, Vox Pop or no Vox Pop, I wanted a hair cut and I was getting one. Since I live alone and there was no one else to help, so I didn't cut off the valuable natural hair, I went off armed with a scissors to my co-nache friend, Notey's, place and told her to cut the darned relaxed hair off. And you guys, I still looked great!
That was how I stopped transitioning. I know the URL of this blog is no longer appropriate, but I'm too lazy to think up anything else.

So how long have I been natural for? Do I count post relaxer or post-BC? Am I 1 year, 6months gone or 10months gone? Does it even matter? You guys have seen the present length of my hair here though.
This is my hair back in March so it's grown longer now but I just particularly love its look here.
I had some braids put in last Sunday. It's called 30 pieces here. I love it. That should keep my attention off my hair for a while.
I may not post much on my hair for a while. I didn't intend for this blog to be all about my hair. It seems to have taken over. I'd give that a rest for a while.
I try to write about my hair to keep me motivated and focused on my hair journey and taking care of the hair. I don't have any fantastic way of keeping my hair. I just hope the way I keep it is good and keeps the hair healthy.
Part morale of this story? Never let people's opinion decide the choices you make in life. It's just not worth it. It delayed my natural hair journey and made me transition when I never wanted to do that.
Till next time,
Dalu. (Please tell me this is 'goodbye' in Igbo X_x)
Stay Beautiful!


  1. lmaoooo@ ur upset ovaries!! nice piece

  2. Lol. You're funny and you have nice hair. I miss the short hair phase. I think i'm more stubborn than you. I even wore my hair in local corn rows (adimole) to work and rocked it like a bawse that i am lol. I do whatever i want to my hair as long as it makes me feel good and confident ;)

    1. Thanks for the compliment. I miss the short hair phase too. Many things were easier. Lucky you that you were able to do such styles. My boss frowned at a lot of my styles so I had to put in a lot of extensions after that.

  3. Madam the madam, see your hair has grown...nice


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